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Beanie Lee Tucker


November 14,1978

Miami, Florida

From living in the streets and stealing to get the latest fashions, to rapping for Jesus, D.C.P. has transformed into someone with a deep concern for others.

“If it wasn’t for Jesus I wouldn’t be where I am today,” D.C. P. touts.

The acronym D.C.P. means Demon Cap Peeler a name dubbed him by L.G. Wise, another prominent Grapetree artist after D.C.P.’s metamorphosis.

Born to drug addicted parents, his grandparents adopted D.C.P. at 3 months old in Miami, Florida. Starving for attention, D.C.P. decided to rely on himself by stealing to acquire the things he desired. He greatly admired those who had money and influence in his community. He chose drug dealers as his role models and started patterning his life after theirs by dropping out of school at 16 years old and selling drugs in 1992. D.C.P. moved out of his home and onto the streets. During that time, he was kidnapped, pistol-whipped and drugged by a major drug dealer.

“At one point Bennie (also known as D.P.C.) was kidnapped by a drug dealer who thought Bennie had stolen his wheels,” said Catherine Tucker, D.C.P.’s grandmother. “We heard gunshots and Bennie managed to jump over one of the guys and out of the car.”

In 1996, God decided to send an angel to Hallendale. D.C.P., high on drugs, wandered into Fresh Cuts, a barber shop, where he met L.G. Wise. L.G. Wise did not hesitate to tell D.C.P. that he needed Christ in his life.

“Five to six months later, L.G. was picking me up and taking me to True Bread Christian Center in Ft. Lauderdale,” said D.C.P. “I knew God from my childhood. I just needed someone to walk with me. I realized I couldn’t do it alone.”

With help from L.G. Wise, D.C.P. raps of sex money and drugs evolved into songs admonishing God and extending a hand to those from broken families and to drug dealers.

Rapper L.G. Wise gave D.C.P. his name during his debut on L.G. Wise’s album G’s Us 4 Life. The name means to wage war against the enemy (Satan).

Purpose OF MUSIC:
This album focuses on people from broken families, drug dealers and users, and people who believe they have no way out of their destructive situations.

“After I became a Christian I realized what sacrifice Jesus made for me, so I wanted to do something for Him,” said D.C.P. “God changed me.”

The fear of the Lord is to hate evil; I hate pride and arrogance, evil behavior, and perverse speech.
Proverbs 8:13


FOOD- Collard Greens

COLOR- Red/Black

MOVIE- Titanic

ACTOR- Morgan Freeman

SPORT- Basketball


BIRTHDAY: November 14,1978


UNKNOWN NICKNAMES: Pooky given to him by his aunt.